Diksha (Guru Mantra)

Diksha is the Vaishnav Tradition of Hinduism, This initiation given by Saints, Mahants, Acharyas of the Vaishnav Gaddis.

For the initiation, a well learned Brahmin performed puja ceremony for devotee, where a Brahmin gives major instructions and the vows to the devotee. When puja ceremony complete then Shri Maharaj Ji (Mahant of Vaishnav Gaddi) gives Diksha (A Divine Guru Mantra) to the devotee.

The criteria you will need to meet before you can take Diksha is to do the following things:

1-Give up eating Non-Vegetarian Products.

2-Give up drinking Alcohol.

3-Stop Smoking.

After taken the divine Guru Mantra, a strict prohibitive condition will apply for devotee to never disclose the divine Guru Mantra to other peoples. In Vaishnav Tradtion, the divine Guru Mantra can learn only from the Guru. If devotees have taken it before from the same Guru then they can learn from each other otherwise devotees are not allowed to give among themselves.